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Explore AI Suggest to transform your productivity within 15 seconds to hire and retain high performers within your team.
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Make Smarter hiring decisions
Improve TAT on conducting Interviews
Allow AI tools to share your daily workload
Assign tasks to your teams in a Zap

About HR-tools kit

Make your workday smarter and emotionally intelligent, and boost your productivity with AI and EI-driven tools by team uKnowva at These tools are anywhere accessible, super fast, accurate, secure, and encrypted for each user to generate data like job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, skill sets, and HR process maturity calculations within seconds.

Be ready for an uncertain and complex future of work as an HR with tools carefully curated for automating your daily tasks from pre hire to post retire, available to you without any hidden charges. Be a part of an ever-growing HR community at to stay abreast with new and innovative HR tools in India to win a competitive edge.

HR Calculator

Figure out your HR process maturity in a snap. Maximise ROI with aligned HR practices.
Measure HR practices and processes
Implement industry's best practices
Gain a competitive edge
Transform HR and people management approaches

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